Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunrise and sunset

When a distinctive sunrise or sunset presents itself I just have to take a photo.

These were on the same day.

A misty sunrise

my view over Scousburgh,

And the sunset, all on the same day.

Christmas Craft Fair

Spinning, knitting and dying kept me busy through October and into November. After the summer stock levels were low and the Craft Fair was coming up fast. The stock of yarn was really low and very few dyed colour left so that was the priority. I did get a nice array of colour including pinks, purples, blues and greens, and a little yellow and orange/yellow too.

Shetland Handspun stand at the Craft Fair

Teaching in Norway

I have had 2 visits to Norway this year. In June I visited the Osteroy Museum for their opening and then with Marta from the Museum and Hildur from Iceland with a friend Sigrid we all went to the Viking Market in Bergen. Dressed for the period we set up the old loom and started a second 'Feld'.

A Feld is a Viking cloak which was woven in Iceland and sold in Norway. The first we started in Iceland last November. Iceland was the best place to start a feld. There is a lot of information still to be found about the Feld in Iceland in the Law books and in the Museums.
Hildur and Sigrid working on the Feld
In the photo above the first Feld is hanging on the wall. It was made with Icelandic yarn and fleece. This is Hildurs Feld. The one we have started here is made with Norwegian yarn and fleece from the old Norwegian sheep breed - Gamla Spaelsau. This one will belong to the Osteroy Museum.  The Black and brown tufts made a beautiful and dramatic combination, really different from the soft subtle greys of the Iclandic Feld.

The next one needs to be mine!!!!

At the beginning of October we were all back in Osteroy to teach weaving on the old loom. With full classes and Norwegian and international students, we worked hard but had great fun.
Gamla Spaelsau sheep.
We used this type of fleece for the Norway Feld and in the weaving class.
2 of the students working on their weaving
The Feld that was started in June was finished so we took it outside, wetted in down and stomped on it to finish off the fabric.
Wetting the Feld before stomping on it.
Stomping on the Feld

A visit to Trondra farm with the grandchildren

This a catch for the summer when Asha, Zahra and Amir were home on holiday with mam Amy. Amir fell asleep and missed the farm visit but woke to enjoy lunch and the beach where they all had great fun but got very wet - which is what you have to do at a beach when you are having fun.

Zahra feeding the lamb

Asha feeding the hens

Asha and Zahra being attacked by hens looking for more food

A message from Hildur, Iceland

This fall when the colors of the leaves were changing and turning yellowish, then brownish and then lighter brownish before they gave up and fell to the ground and the white snow came and partly covered them - then I said to the nature spirits in my garden - you work just like Elizabeth when she is knitting.