Friday, 1 October 2021


For Shetland Wool Week Makers Market

        I have a limited number of Da Crofters Kep Kits,

            in my handspun yarn,

                prepared especially for SWW.

The kit price, in my handspun yarn, is £60 

plus postage, 

£4 to the UK, £10 to the EU, and £14 elsewhere.

Email me - -to buy a kit.


Also, posting on Ravelry,

My series of NJUGGLE accessories patterns

Toorie Version 1


Toorie Version 2

A Square Hat

The mitts, or Dags as we call them in Shetland.
2 which match the Toories,
1 with a long 2-coloured rib,
and a long pair.

... and then a cushion.

All are knitted in natural Shetland colours, with yarn from Jamieson & Smith. I do occasionally have kits made up with my handspun yarn.

The motifs are all similar to those found in antiquity, some from ancient Greece, especially the Greek key and the small flower. Hearts and crosses are both very old, and because of the association with the sea, an anchor and a chain is included.

The design is named Njuggle after a mythical Shetland horse which was purported to live in streams and the sea.

The Njuggle collection includes:

Dags version 1 & 2, Toorie Hats version 1 & 2, Rib Dags, Long Dags, a Square Hat and a Cushion.

Search for SHETLAND HANDSPUN on Ravelry to find all the patterns.

I hope you have all enjoyed the Virtual Shetland Wool Week.

Monday, 5 July 2021

Da Crofters Kep - SWW 2021

 Wow, its July already, what happened!  This year is going by fast! It doesnt seem very long since the 2021 Crofters Kep was launched, and that was back in April.

Wilma did her usual and created a beautiful hat pattern in 5 different yarns each in a different colourway, and she used my handspun yarn for one again. I was honoured. But that also meant that I had to spin and dye the yarn for kits. 

I decided to set the number of kits to 50, and should have put that information out, but before that happened the enquiries came in fast and they were booked up in a few days. I am only getting back to doing a blog now!!!

My appologies to those of you who have missed out on my handspun yarns for this years kep. I just could not fit in any more time to spin for the hat this year. 

Wilma and I did look at alternative yarns to substitute for my handspun yarn and these are detailed below. 

I loved the colours Wilma chose from my yarns. They reminded me of colour combinations we used to work with when I was young, so really an old type of colourway, but still looks good today.

This Crofters Kep is for me, knitted in the colours Wilma chose.

I have included 2 photos. A front view and a view of the crown.

I usually name the yarns by their natural colours and by the natural dyes I have used on them. For this pattern I decided to give the yarns 'names'. So the background colours I named those Silver and Cloud, 2 narural greys. The 4 pattern colours were all dyed. Rouge was dyed with cochineal and onion. Wine was dyed first with a little onion then with cochineal, Maroon was dyed with cochineal then overdyed with logwood. The last colour, a dark blue, Midnight, was dyed in logwood.

I did love Wilma's choice of colours, but I thought I wanted a Crofters Kep on a dark background. I thought I would see if I could just take the colours and rearrange them to knit a kep that was more ME - and by ME I really mean more blue.

Here is the result. It is definitely more blue. 

The blue background is a darker blue more of a blue/black, still dyed in logwood. The second background is a pale blue from an exhaust logwood bath.

The other colours were Rouge, Wine and Madder but as I had used a colour almost the same as Midnight for the background, I used a colour similar to Wine as a substitute but a shade or 2 lighter.

The result was dark but it works - just, and is very ME.


Substitute colours for my handspun yarn colours from Jamiesons of Shetland:

Colour A - 105 Eesit
Colour B - 526 Spice
Colour C - 293 Port Wine
Colour D - 187 Sunrise
Colour E - 343 Ivory
Colour F - 150 Atlantic


Saturday, 26 September 2020

Yarn Kits - Mirknen Dags and Leg Warmers

Here are my Mirknen Dags and Leg Warmers, the pattern is in the 2020 Shetland Wool week Annual. The yarns suggested are Jamieson & Smith jumper weight yarn and Jamiesons of Shetland's Spindrift, and ..... 

my Handspun yarn is available in a kit. 

1 kit will knit the medium sized dags, 

2 kits will kit the small dags and the small legwarmers. 


Kits have either more of the dark background ..... and will knit up as in this photo of the medium dags .......

OR ............

more of the light background to knit up ..... as in this photo of the medium dags.

Only 50 kits will be made available - 25 with more of the dark background colour and 25 with more of the light background colour.

Price - £55 + shipping, payment by PayPal or online banking.

To book a kit - email me at                                 Title your email MIRKNEN KIT.                                                                   Say if you want more of the dark background colour or more of the light background colour.

Include your shipping address and your preferred method of payment.

Kits will be shipped out from the 5th of October.

Medium dag in my handspun yarns


leg warmers, large dags, and small dags
in Jamiesons of Shetland's Spindrift colours

leg warmers, large dags, and small dags 
in Jamieson & Smith colours

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Shetland Wool Week 2020 kit

Here it is ...... my kit for the 2020 Shetland Wool Week Hat. Handspun yarn in natural and natural dyed colours.

The pattern is free for a year and it can be downloaded from 
Shetland Wool Week Webpage.

Send me an email to order my yarn kit. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Spaces have opened up in 2 of my classes SWW 2019

Niela and I have done a little re-arranging at Hoswick Visitor Centre and there are now a few more spaces available in 2 of my classes on Friday 4th October. The classes are......

Up Your Game - Improvers Spinning  

A class for anyone wishing to improve any part of the spinning process, perfect a yarn, improve their knowledge and ability, need any spinning query answered.

Four Fingers and a Thumb

Whether you are knitting a pair of these double fingered gloves or not, the secret to working good fingers is in how well each finger is started - picking up those sts to start your fingers. And then thumbs - without pulled sts and holes you dont want at the corners.

This class will help you to perfect you fingers and eliminate any problems.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Myself and Hadewych van der Werf are hosting classes with a difference during the week before Shetland Wool Week. 

Hadewych has been a tutor with Hoswick Wool Week for a few years, teaching classes on Norwegian stranded knitting, double knitting, Estonian borders and Mother Astrop knitting techniques. Her classes are always popular, selling out quickly and this year is no different. Her classes are all sold our already.

I have done this class before wool week for the last 2 years with a small group. With classes each morning, students have time for some sightseeing and time for homework each day. 

The dates and times for the classes are:

with myself: 
Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September, 9.30 to 12.30 daily.

with Hadewych:
Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September, 9.30 to 12.30 daily.

The techniques covered in each class will be student led. So you can choose what you wish to work on. Cover several subjects throughout the class or focus on one subject only. 

I will cover any spinning, Fair Isle and Lace subjects.

Hadewych can cover a variety of subjects. Some subject she has suggested are: 

  • variation in Double knitting;  
  • designing your own double marl triangle scarf;
  • decorative edging to steeks and the edges of your work;
  • sewing zips and hooks & eye's in knitwear;

...... and you can also learn from Hadewych's expert colour knowledge at the same time.

Venue is Hoswick Visitor Centre

Cost is £120 for each 3 day class.

To book or for more information email me, Elizabeth at

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Back home and spinning again

I am back home after a wonderful trip to the US. My travels included - Interweave Knit Fest in Loveland, Colorado; John C Campbell Folk School, NC; Maryland Sheep & Wool; a visit with Judith MacKenzie; visits to guilds in Denver and Boulder, CO; and Shuttles, Spindles and Skiens, Boulder, CO; and lastly the Marshfield School of Weaving, Vermont.

I was travelling with my friend Martha Owen and we had such a great trip, meeting lots of old friends and making new ones, and visiting parts of the US that at least I had not been before.

But now I am back home and back to much needed spinning. My stock of yarn was very low after Edinburgh Yarn Fest so now it is back to the grind stone for me.

I have spun some since I got back....

.... and there is more fleece waiting to be processed.

But here are a few photos of my adventures ... well, a lot actually.

Bella, hanging out in the shade in North Carolina

Class at John C Campbell Folk School

Some of the results of the FI class at John C Campbell Folk School

Sheep waiting to be sheared and all the lambs taking a rest.

Martha taking a rest before starting shearing

watching the shearer

Natural dyed colours ready for carding and blending
at Maryland Sheep & Wool spinning class

Everyone working hard in the Fair Isle class at Maryland Sheep & Wool
A busy John C Campbell Folk School stand

Beautiful blues on the Pacific coast

The Rockies - just like the movies!

The natural dye class
at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins
in Boulder.
The results from the dye class 
.....  all ready for blending and carding

..... and the rolags ready for spinning

leaving Boulder,  heading south to Santa Fe
the plateau goes on forever!

stunning mountains, and yes, there was hail in those clouds

and that stunning landscape just goes on and on.
Santa Fe, and I did buy jewellery.
Stunning views on the drive up to Mesa Verde

Cliff house at Mesa Verde - absolutely stunning.

The Grand Canyon
..... an incredible place
... atmospheric as the sun starts to set
... changing colours as the sun sinks in the west.

Stunning results from the dye class at the Marshfield School of Weaving

We took the carding outside in beautiful Vermont sunshine,
 - but we did stay in the shade.

The last class. Great results in the samples with the first colour choices,
but with a few changes the next knitted samples were even better.
Very proud of everyone in this class.

Then Martha and I headed back to the airport to get our separate planes home
- me to Shetland and Martha to North Carolina.

Till next time.