Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Shetland Wool Week 2022 - Bonnie Isle Hat Kits

 Bonnie Isle Hat Kits

The 2020 Patron and Shetland Wool Week Hat were both announced on the 9th of June. The launch was in Shetland for the first time at the Shetland Museum. We were a smallish group but enough to have a good photo with a range of previous Wool Week Hats. 

My handspun yarn as not included in the pattern, but 2 of our new Shetland Wool Producers were included: Aister 'oo' and Laxdale Yarn. Both have beautiful yarn and some beautiful colours to choose from.

Since the launch I have been busy and I have put together a colourway in my yarn which is now available in a kit.

The kit price, in my handspun yarn, is £63 

plus postage, of £4 to the UK, and from £10 to £14 elsewhere.

Postage now varies outside the UK. I send the kits tracked and charge the cost price.

Email me - -to buy a kit.

I have used 3 natural colours and 2 natural dyed colours.

The 2 light colours are silver grey and natural white. The 3 dark colours are Shetland black, Aubergine (dyed with cochineal) and Dark Blue (dyed with Logwood).

As usual I will have a limited number of kits available. For the Bonnie Isle Hat I will have 24 kits. To order Email me -

I do have some kits ready now, but there is still some spinning to do - I have a little of the black and the silver still to spin. I plan to have that spinning done by 22nd of July.

The first batch of kits can be shipped from 28th of June, and the remainder can be shipped from 25th of July.

I have a delay in shipping the first batch as I am on route to Norway to teach a spinning class at Osteroy Museum, so if I dont answer an email over the next few days, I am just having too much fun with the class at the museum.