Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cochineal and Logwood

Must try harder .... has to be my aim for 2015 ... at least for blog posts.

I will start this year with the yarn I dyed before our Craft Fair in November last year.

The colours are not quite true, but the photo does show the range of colours I got from the cochineal and logwood dyes.

Logwood blues are one of my favourites. It is such a deep, dark blue, especially with a grey yarn as a base. For these dye baths I did use white yarn as well as a grey and a fawn, so 3 shades from most of the baths.

The lighter shades of the Logwood dyed yarns took on a slight purplish tone. 

These blue hanks are set aside for a customer at the moment while she decides on her project and the quantity of yarn she needs.

Cochineal colours, 1st and 2nd dye baths, with white, grey and fawn yarn - 6 distinct shades.

Then the purples. Cochineal from both baths overdyed in different Logwood baths. No white as a base colour for these, grey and fawn only. The combinations are endless - I aimed for 6 shades of purple - good results, I think.

Some of these purples are now allocated to a yoke cardigan which has been ordered.

Good result!