Tuesday, 2 November 2021


The patterns for the Lunklet Lace Jacket and the Lunklet Shawl are both now on Ravelry.

I have sold both of these patterns from my studio and at shows, but with lockdown, the time came to put them on Ravelry. I had thought that it would be a challenge to re-format the charts for Ravelry. It actually worked out fine. 

The Jacket has been knitted many times. It looks difficult but it is much easier than it look to knit.

Included in the pattern are tips on knitting the jacket. Also tips for the Frost Flower pattern (motif), an impressive pattern made up of 2 very simple elements and quite simple to knit when it is broken down to its individual parts.

A Lace Jacket is not for everyone so I made a shawl to match the Jacket. I think I almost like the shawl more than the Jacket.

The Jacket in the photo is knitted in my handspun lace yarn. The layers are spun from natural coloured  Shetland fleece. The yarn in the sleeves and the top of the jacket are a tussah silk single plyed with a Shetland wool single. 

The shawl is knitted with Jamiesons of Shetland Ultra, their lace weight  yarn.