Monday, 24 April 2017

Another Shetland Ooie Weekend - Dyeing, Spinning and Knitting Workshops

After our first ooie weekend we asked for feedback and mostly the reply was - more of the same. We have mixed things up a little, but leaving Anne's classes the same and Hazel's 'Swatching with a Purpose' stays as well. We are adding short classes on Friday night, just for hour, then having an 'in about da night' - always good to have a get together wi wir 'sock'.

We are staying with the same venue, the Bridge End Outdoor Centre. There is the possibility of staying overnight at the Centre - stay overnight on Friday for a class on Saturday - ask for details.

Shetland Ooie Weekend

Fri 19th, Sat 20th and Sun 21st MAY 2017

Bridge End Outdoor Centre, Burra

Friday 6.00pm - 7.00pm, 
Saturday & Sunday 9.30am - 4.30pm

Class costs:
£55 per day, includes lunch 
Saturdays dye class - £15 extra for materials
Friday night mini classes  - small donation please.

For further information and bookings:
Phone: Elizabeth on 01950 460551


Book a place in one of our 3 mini classes from 6 - 7pm, 

or come join us for an 'In About da Night' from 7 - 9pm. 

Bring your sock and join us for some makin an yakin.

No charge, small donation welcome.

FIRST STEPS IN CROCHET with Hazel Tindall 6 - 7pm
Learn how to make basic crochet stitches which will get you started on many crochet projects. Bring a crochet hook – 3.5 mm OR 4.00 mm, double knitting wool in two colours.
Optional: Scissors, blunt needle, camera (your phone), notebook and pen.

BANNOCK MAKING CLASS with Anne Eunson 6 - 7pm
Shetland Bannocks are the best - you have to agree! Anne makes bannocks that are just perfect. Come learn her secrets to make those perfect bannocks. Ingredients provided, but maybe bring a peenie (apron).

AN INSIGHT INTO NATURAL DYEING with Elizabeth Johnston 6 - 7pm
Come see the dye pots being set up for the dye class on Saturday. See the dye stuffs and the preparations needed before dyeing. 


with Hazel Tindall

Make small sample pieces which can become brooches, or joined up to create a unique usable knitted piece, - scarf, place mats, cushion covers, bed runner, etc. Lots of experimenting with colour in this class, just what you need to grasp colour use in Fair Isle.

Level - able to knit in the round with 2 colours. 

Materials required: 3.25  or 3.5mm needles 
- 4 short double pointed.

Yarn for sample pieces 
- 4 dark colours, 4 light colours 

Blunt needle, scissors. 

Homework: using 3.25 or 3.50mm needles, 
cast on 108 stitches. Keep stitches on needle. 

with Anne Eunson

In this class you will start to knit your own 1' square Shetland Lace hap (shawl). You will be shown the traditional way of how the pieces are knitted and then grafted together. Once armed with these skills, you will then be able to knit any size of hap you desire in the future.

No experience needed other than you need to be able to knit

Shetland Lace yarn will be provided.

Please bring 3mm x 2 dpn.

with Elizabeth Johnston

Discover the beauty of natural dye where each colour compliments the next. With our natural coloured fleece; flowers, plant roots, wood, bugs; and centuries old recipes - see the quantity and variety of colours and shades achievable.

Learn the mordanting and dye processes. 

Come on Friday night if you can, but it is not essential.

Bring an apron and a box or poly bags for your fleece.

There is an extra charge of £15 for this class for materials, and you will go home with a quantity of dyed fleece.

SUNDAY 21st May

with Hazel Tindall
Learn the steps needed to plan your own jumper. Start a mini jumper to understand the construction and see how the patterns fit into the garment design. Hazel will have Allovers for you to examine to give you ideas for designing your own. 

Bring: Three or four 3.25mm double pointed needles (or a circular needle), jumper weight yarn in 8 colours – 4 light and 4 dark (small amounts), ruler, squared paper, notebook, pencil, eraser. Optional: Scissors, blunt needle, camera (your phone), calculator.

Homework: Cast on 80 stitches, work 4 rows of rib (your choice) either in the round or back and forth. Join to work in the round: *K5, m1, repeat from * to end. 96 stitches spread over 2 or 3 needles.

with Anne Eunson 

In this class we will look at ways to improve the speed of your knitting needles - getting them into 5th gear!

As with any job, it is ALL about the finish. So, we will also be experimenting with different grafting techniques to enable you to get as near a perfect finish as possible.

Techniques covered. Grafting together stocking stitch, garter stitch, different ways to join side seams and how to graft a holey row.

Please bring two pieces of garter stitch, in a slightly looser tension than normal and still on needles 20sts x 40 rows.  (Whatever weight of wool yarn you prefer).

Wool yarn and dpn's to suit.

Contrast coloured yarn of same thickness.

Grafting needles.

Knitting Belt.

Patience and a sense of humour.

Spinning, carding & combing
with Elizabeth Johnston

Look at the qualities in Shetland fleece, try a variety of preparations with different qualities - different ways to comb, hand and drum carding, - or not, as well as exploring methods of manipulating tops. Then test spin. Finish with different plying methods for - 2-ply, 3-ply 5-ply - and wash to see the results. 

A class for any spinner.

Bring whatever in the following list that you have:
spinning wheel, at least 3 bobbins, carders, combs, reel, sweerie box, noste pinne.

Bring any fibre that you use and/or want to experiment with.

There will be extra wheels for you to use or try, drum carders, hand cards, kems, combs and brushes, reels, sweerie boxes to use.

Shetland fleece will be supplied.

We are looking forward to another great weekend!