Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Wow, that was a busy Festival!

I had a busy few months to spin yarn to get stock for the summer and the first event at Edinburgh. But orders were completed, a new pattern done - the Sprigs and Links of Love for a Scarf, Cowl and Gloves, 

and a load of yarn spun, with enough to put together kits for Trowie and Njuggle hats and gloves.

Trowie Dags
Trowie Toorie Hat
Njuggle Dags

Njuggle Toorie Hat

Njuggle Square Hat

With the car packed I set off for the ferry, thankfully with good weather. The only thing I was not looking forward to was the drive into Edinburgh, but it actually turned out to be very easy, such a relief.

Friday morning and I am ready for the doors to open at the Market, 9am for those going off to classes that morning, and 10am for the public. And wow, they streamed in. There was just a sea of people, everywhere, all morning, then thinned out a bit at lunch time. Luckily I had an assistant, my sister, Margaret, who talked to people non stop.

So good to get time to talk to folk myself in the afternoon and on the Saturday. Talked to many that I had met in Shetland at Shetland Wool Week, and at workshops while on textile holidays, then some of the girls I had met in Iceland. Not forgetting, of course, the Shetlanders: quite a few had come down to the Festival for shopping and classes who came and said hello, and this being Edinburgh there are lots of Shetlanders who stay now in Edinburgh. Thanks to you all for saying hello. All in all a very enjoyable Market - and sales were good too.

Did I take any photos - well just a few, very quickly, when it was quiet.

The shawl I wore at the Festival, 
as everyone was wearing their knitwear.
Handspun Lace yarn and madder dyed.
Jumper yarn, naturals and natural dyed,
and my lace jacket.
Kits, lace yarn, sock yarn, patterns,
and a shopper having a rest.

One of the next patterns will be that lace jacket, it was greatly admired, so I have promised it for next year.

There are always extra projects that need to be fitted in to the schedule - here is one  - testing the Sprigs and Links of Love Cowl in another yarn. This is in Kate Davies new yarn, Buachaille, in Harr, Squall and Ptarmigan, it works in any yarn but just had to try it. This will be mine for next winter.

Next to fit into the workload will be the Ella's Wool Week Crofthoose Hat.