Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Shetland Vararfeldur - Day 3

All ready to weave. The loom was all set up and the shed tested yesterday, so now we are weaving.

Very pleased with the row of stones.
They made a beautiful sound as the shed was changed.

Beating up the first threads on the start of the vararfeldur.
We gave some thought as to how we should use the different coloured fleece in the vararfeldur. We had to try to be artistic! The decision was a frame of black round all 4 edges then mix dark colours for the first part. I found some moorit fleece to mix with the black and the grey ....... then see what happens next.

3 rows of pile done in black for an edge to the design.

The start of the moorit and grey added in the next 2 rows.


  1. It looks a big job I hope you have time to build in breaks

  2. It does take time, but we have had good breaks. Was at Sumburgh Head till very late on Monday night watching birds, and no wind. Today we have walked some of St.Ninians Isle beach. Huge expanse of sand this summer.

  3. So, do you weave a shot of weft between the rows of locks? This is splendid. I think you should teach a Varafeldur class at the Folk School!

  4. Using double threads in warp and weft - J&S worsted spun jumper weight - 8 shot between rows of locks. It will soon be time to decided on a class to teach at the Folk School. (John C.Campbell Folk School, NC,USA)