Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Shetland Vararfeldur - Week 3

I am back on track - half done.

Change of colour - this is mainly from a light grey fleece.

Thanks to a full day with myself and Mary both working the second 50 cm is complete. 

For comparison - this is the first part, much darker.

I worked on preparing the fleece, and Mary did the weaving. She had never worked on this loom before, but she did very well. I wondered if I would keep her supplied with fleece - it does take time as we had found out while working on the previous vararfeldurs - but I did, just!

Mary needed her photo taken with her achievement.
The last 2/3rds of the weaving is her work - well done.

Before we finished, we wound the weaving up on the top of the loom. My next job would be to move all those stones down below the shed bar before starting to weave on my own again.

Mary had a couple of photos of the rams that we rooed, and some of the the ewes with their lambs.

Looking good, but staying well away from humans.....just in case.....
They did not want any more funny stuff from us, - had enough of rooing, drenching and trimming feet.

Some of the ewes coming to see what was going on.
Beautiful view over the loch to the cliffs and the sea in the background.

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