Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cochineal and Logwood

Must try harder .... has to be my aim for 2015 ... at least for blog posts.

I will start this year with the yarn I dyed before our Craft Fair in November last year.

The colours are not quite true, but the photo does show the range of colours I got from the cochineal and logwood dyes.

Logwood blues are one of my favourites. It is such a deep, dark blue, especially with a grey yarn as a base. For these dye baths I did use white yarn as well as a grey and a fawn, so 3 shades from most of the baths.

The lighter shades of the Logwood dyed yarns took on a slight purplish tone. 

These blue hanks are set aside for a customer at the moment while she decides on her project and the quantity of yarn she needs.

Cochineal colours, 1st and 2nd dye baths, with white, grey and fawn yarn - 6 distinct shades.

Then the purples. Cochineal from both baths overdyed in different Logwood baths. No white as a base colour for these, grey and fawn only. The combinations are endless - I aimed for 6 shades of purple - good results, I think.

Some of these purples are now allocated to a yoke cardigan which has been ordered.

Good result!


  1. Gorgeous colours Elizabeth. I love dyeing with logwood and even more so with cochineal. Very interesting to see the range on non white, must try more with that. Interesting about the trying harder with the blog- decided this week to try and finish the journal of my wool week visit on my blog which stalled just before our move! So trying to do a day a day but bringing back such happy memories. Guess you are well into the planning - or even done it - for 2015. Still aiming to get there.

  2. The Cochineal colours are truly delicious, Elizabeth.......
    With regard to Blogging, I have the same problem and have made the same resolution but am wondering how far I will get....can but try! Not enough hours in the day to do things and write about them!

  3. Thanks Janet and Andrea. I love the colours I get when dyeing on non-white. As regards our problem of inconsistent blogging, here are the rules (apparently). Rule 1 - Sit (in front of the computer) Rule 2 - Stay. Note there are no more rules. I think that may be the problem!!!

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