Wednesday, 29 June 2016


The last two stops on my US trip are in Indiana and Alaska, but on the way to Indiana we stopped off to see some friends in Iowa - who just happened to have some Shetland sheep - just a peerie reminder of home. 

Bonnie ewes

Nice colours

We took a tour through their garden on our way to see the sheep.

On to Susan's in Indiana and a big class for dyeing, spinning and knitting, sadly I seemed to forget to take photos of the class, only got one of a load of wheels at lunch time - you can see it was a busy class...

I did remember to take photos of some of the fun times in the evening.

A few photos of the pool party.

One of the dogs who kept us company.

Then a browse round Susan's shop and a little more knitting before bedtime. It was such a great spot all of us to sit and knit or spin after supper. 

Then on to Cordova Alaska.........

The view from our cabin over Lake Eyak is stunning, even in the rain with cloud covering the mountains and the snow.

Just settling in and getting ready for the first class.

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  1. Oh Hazel, I wish I had known you were in Indiana! I would have invited you to come and see my flock of Shetland sheep and have a spot of tea! Have a good vacation!