Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Shetland Wool Week 2017

We are almost there!!!

In a couple of weeks time 'wool weekers' will start arriving, and Wool Week classes and events starting just a few days later.

The final preparations are well under way. Niela and myself, as Hoswick Wool Week, have almost everything ready for our classes, and look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. I am especially excited to have good friends coming from Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, and the USA, as well as lots of you from the UK.

But ... there are still a few places to be filled.

Niela's classes are full, but ...

I have a couple of places in my 2 evening classes - on Monday in the 'Up You Game - Improvers Spinning' class, which can cover any spinning process you are having problems with or need to improve; and on Tuesday in 'More is More: Cuffs, Basques and Trims' where you can perfect 2-coloured ribs, work a turned cuff, work a FI patterned rib - each will enhance garments, giving that little extra finishing touch.

Hadewych, our returning tutor from the Netherlands, is teaching 4 classes, and all are booked except for 3 spaces in her Norwegian Challenge class. She studied knitting in Norway for a full year, and brings the Norwegian style of stranded knitting. An expert teacher praised by many of her students last year.

Hadewych's Norwegian Challenge

Bonnie Lefebre, check out her website www.dk-dydeeknits.com , is a creative knitwear designer who takes inspiration from landscapes and seasonal elements, as well as architecture, fashion and history.  Vibrant colour, unique textures and lace are key features in her designs, using hand-dyed, handspun and ethically produced yarns. 

We have her for one class, Knitting Texture
Her textured knitting techniques enhance 
those wonderfully coloured yarns we love.

Plying is something lots of spinners find difficult - so here is your chance to up your plying skills with an experienced tutor. 
Ruth Gough from Wingham Wool Work is here for Shetland Wool Week again, and is with us for her class - The Importance of Plying - to lead you through plying methods, teaching good practice and showing why plying is so important in making a balanced yarn.

Cecil Tait's woodwork classes have always been popular at Hoswick Wool Week, but somehow his class - 'Making a Wooden Needle and Threading Hook', still has spaces to fill.

The needle is perfect for naalbindin, and every spinner needs a personalised threading hook, dont they?

One of Cecil's woodwork classes

Our final class which is still not fully booked is Austin Taylor's - The Perfect Picture. Austin is a professional photogragher in Shetland and a wonderful teacher. He will lead you through taking photos on phone, ipad or camera, giving you knowledge and confidence to take better photos, perhaps, especially of your textiles.

Here is one of Austin's,
 how perfect is that!

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Shetland Wool Week.

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