Thursday, 7 June 2012

Handspun Tablet Band Bridle

On Monday I spent a glorious morning at Walls with Frances and Joe, a 3 mtr length of my tablet band................and of course not forgetting the models, Indy Ping-pong, the Shetland stallion and Haakon, the Icelandic stallion. The results were stunning.

Indy Ping-Pong looking regal

The band almost hidden under Indy's impressive mane

Haakon looking very comfortable in his colourful bridle

The colors of the band looked as impressive on both ponies.

The tablets were set up with handspun yarns so that the band looked like knitted stitches not a woven band. The natural dyes are those used in the traditional Fair Isle of red, blue, green and golds. The red is madder, the blue is indigo, the green is from onion and there are 4 yellow colours from lichen, onion and nettle.

The wool band is much softer than leather and has to be comfortable as a bridle. And although the ponies could easily have objected to 3 metres of stuff being wrapped round their noses, they were not bothered in the least when Joe tied on this strange colourful piece of cloth.

 I have to thank Frances for the beautiful photos. My photography skills are zero next to hers. (But she does have a better camera than me)

There are more photos on Frances blog spot at take a look.

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  1. Please, please, please send Indy Ping Pong and his stunning bridle to my farm!! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm