Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hats and Gloves

 Much of the winter has been has been spent working on orders - winter is always the season for that - but stock has to be worked on as well. I have worked on yarn for 3 of my designs this winter - Bonxie, Trowie and Njuggle.


Bonxie Toorie 1

Bonxie Toorie 2

The colours for the Bonxie pattern are taken from the wing of the Great Skua which we call the Bonxie. Underneath the wing it has this nice flash of light colour among the dark browns and blacks.


Trowie cushion

Trowie square hat

A Trow is a Shetland Troll. Unlike the most common image of a Troll being large and often stupid, the Shetland Trows are small, clever but very cantancerous. You have to be very carful around Trows. You must never upset them.

My Trowie pattern is almost the opposite. It may look a little difficult but is really quite simple. It is rather deceptive so in that respect it is quite like the Trows.


The Njuggle is another of our 'mythical' creatures, a mythical pony, - perhaps they are real perhaps they are not.

This design is full of the very old cross patterns, with the greek key and the small flower both of which are found round the edge of greek carvings. As these are all ancient patterns the Heart pattern had to be included, and the anchour is a must for a design relating to the sea. Mix in all the natural colours with a dash of white to show the white horses on top of the waves and you have my Njuggle design.

Njuggle Dags (gloves)

All three designs are knitted in the Toorie hats, Square hats, Cushions, Long Dags, Rib Dags and FI Dags. The Trowie and Njuggle designs are also made up into kits that you can knit youeselves.

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